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Performance Reel

Updated performance reel including clips from Heinle's own short film, WHITE NOISE, and STILL. Heinle received 3 wins and 2 nominations for Best Actress for STILL and 12 nominations for WHITE NOISE, which is currently rounding the festival circuit.

The Filmmaker

Concept video for short film, "WHITE NOISE", written by Caroline Heinle.

"WHITE NOISE" is currently rounding the festival circuit. You can view the film's profile on Filmfreeway.

"Social Weaponry" is a docu-narrative about cancel culture co-written by and starring Caroline Heinle.

Performance Highlights

2023 Audition Clips Including:

Procedural, Girlfriend Mixed Up With Amateur Gambler, 1850's Western and Student Running Into an Old Crush.

Clips from Caroline's work on "STILL" which she received 3 wins and 1 nomination for.

Cover Songs, Parodies and Monologues

Caroline Heinle's cover of "Sober" by Demi Lovato. 

For more covers, follow on YouTube.

Hosting & Commercial

Infomercial written, directed and performed by Caroline Heinle for Elgee Industrial Vacuums' horse stable vacs.

For bookings  contact the Bohemia Group.

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